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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Melamed Sahar Biotechnology Science Microbial Sensors for the Detection of Toxicants and Antibiotic Compounds; Construction and Immobilization at the Nanoliter Scale Prof. S. Belkin 2014
Magrisso Sagi Environmental Sciences Science Assessment of Lead Bioavailability in Soil and Soil Components using a Bioluminescent Bacterial Reporter Prof. S. Belkin, Prof. Y. Erel 2011
Mamou Gideon Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Exploring the Earliest Developmental Events Occurring During Bacterial Colony Formation Prof. S. Ben- Yehuda 2018
Leshem-Zuchowitzky Orit Cancer Research Medicine The Role of ERG in Human Prostate Carcinogenesis Prof. S. Ben-Sasson 2013
Perles Sharon Endocrinology Medicine Initial Characterization of a Physiological Signal that Induces Peripheral Resistance: Involvement of Hepatic Heme-oxygenase Metabolites Prof. S. Ben-Sasson, Prof. E. Ziv 2013
Ben-Yehuda Greenwald Maya Pharmacy Medicine Targeting the Nrf2-Keap1 Pathway: A Potential Therapeutic Strategy in Skin Disorders Prof. S. Ben-Sasson, Prof. R. Kohen, Prof. H. Bianco-Peled 2017
Rosenberg Alex Microbiology Medicine Investigation of the Translational Machinery of Aging Bacillus subtilis Spores Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2016
Hashuel Rachel Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Characterizing the Aging Process of Bacillus subtilis Colonies Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2020
Elbaz Maya Microbiology Medicine Cellular Components Affecting Chromosome Morphology and Segregation in Bacteria Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2013
Oppenheimer-Shaanan Yaara Molecular Biology Medicine The Role of DisA as a Checkpoint Protein During Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2012
Tzipilevich Elhanan Oren Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Phage Spreading in Multicellular Bacterial Communities Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2019
Sinai Lior Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Molecular Dynamics During Revival of Bacterial Spores Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2018
Segev Ben-Yair Einat Microbiology Medicine Molecular Characterization of Bacillus subtilis Spores Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2013
Abu Ammar Aiman Pharmacy Medicine Design and Evaluation of Novel Lipophilic Derivatives of Oxaliplatin Prof. S. Benita 2016
Abdulrazik Muhammad Pharmaceutics Medicine Enhancement of the Penetration of Hydrophilic Macromolecules and Lipophilic Molecules to the Eye Prof. S. Benita 2014
Attili-Qadri Suha Pharmaceutics Medicine The Potential Switch from Intravenous to Oral Anticancer Therapy of Taxanes Using a Trojan Nanocapsule Delivery System Prof. S. Benita 2014
Badihi Amit Pharmacy Medicine Enhanced Percutaneous Permeation Mediated by Biodegradable Nanocarriers Prof. S. Benita 2017
Goldstein Danny Pharmaceutics Medicine Immunoemulsion, A Potential Targeted Drug Delivery System for Improved Cancer Treatment Prof. S. Benita 2009
Hagigit Tal Medical Chemistry Medicine Ocular Antisense Oligonucleotide Delivery by Cationic Nanoemulsion Prof. S. Benita 2011
Soudry-Kochavi Liat School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Improved Oral Absorption of Peptides and Proteins via an Original Double Encapsulation Technology Prof. S. Benita 2019
Kolevzon Netanel Pharmacy Medicine Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) as Therapeutic and Diagnostic Molecules Prof. S. Benita 2016
Harush-Frenkel Oshrat Pharmaceutics Medicine Investigation of Cell-Nanoparticle Interactions, Implications in Pulmonary Drug Delivery Prof. S. Benita 2010
Karra Nour Pharmaceutics Medicine Antibody Targeted Drug Delivery System for Improved Treatment of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Prof. S. Benita, Prof. J. Borlak 2014
Debotton Nir Pharmaceutics Medicine The Conjugation of Monoclonal Antibodies to Cytotoxic Drug Loaded Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy Prof. S. Benita, Prof. O. Gofrit 2011
Giladi Oren Pharmaceutics Medicine Development of Nanoparticulate Platform for Improved Targeted Cancer Therapy Prof. S. Benita, Prof. O. Gofrit 2014