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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Ref Ohad Business Administration School of Business Administration The Growth of a Firm Along the Product and Geographic Domains Dr. N. Hashai, Prof. Y.P. Yafeh 2013
Olmert Dana Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore Humanities The Growth of Hebrew Poetry by Women during the Nineteen Twenties – Feminist and Psychoanalytical Perspectives Dr. A. Hirshfeld 2009
Glassman Yehoshua Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities The Halakhic Philosophy of Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg Prof. B. Brown 2021
Goldman Ida Batsheva Jewish Thought Humanities The Hasidic Ritual Object Prof. M. Idel, Prof. S. Sabar 2009
Brosh Reut Jewish Education Seymour Fox School of Education The Hasidic Story: Between a Teacher and Student Prof. A. Rosenak 2022
Shalev Hagar Asian Studies Faculty of Humanities The Hathayogic Body: Between Medieval and Modern Perceptions Prof. Y. Bronner 2022
Wirtzburg Rachel Comparative Literature Humanities The Heartache of Two Homelands The Issue of Self-Identification in the Work of Israeli - Russian Language Writers Prof. I. Serman, Prof. L. Toker 2011
Akun Natali Hebrew Language Humanities The Hebrew Language of the Jews of Morocco: Phonetics (Communities of Tafilalet, Marrakesh and Meknes) Prof. M. Bar-Asher 2011
Shaveh Ariel Hebrew Language & Jewish Languages Humanities The Hebrew of Rashi: According to Primary Manuscripts of the Commentary on the Pentateuch Prof. M. Bar-Asher 2017
Eldar Guy Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences The Hebrew Typeface - Between the Functional and the Semantic: The Involvement of Semantic Characteristics in Making Typographic Choices in Press Design in Israel Prof. E. Schely-Newman 2018
Saada-Ophir Galit Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences The Hebrew University as an Arena of Students Activism Prof. T. Rapoport, Late Prof. B. Kimmerling 2008
Livny Adi History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities The Hebrew University in Mandatory Palestine: A Relational History (1918-1948) Prof. Y. Weiss 2022
Mor Michal History of Art Faculty of Humanities The Hebrew University of Jerusalem as an Exhibition Arena (1918-2000) Dr. Assaf Selzer and Prof. Gal Ventura 2023
Cohen Roy Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities The Heresy of Belief and Belief in Heresy @@At the Conflou of Nietzsche and Rav Kook Prof. Moshe Halbertal 2023
Peleg-Barkat Orit Archeology Humanities The Herodian Architectural Decoration in Light of the Finds from the Temple Mount Excavations Dr. R. Talgam, Prof. G. Foerster 2008
Sharon Avital Jewish Thought Humanities The Hida's Kabballa in his Hallachik Writings Prof. J. Garb 2015
Nissim Chaim Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities The Historiography of Syria in the Late Mamluk Period and the Beginning of Ottoman Period : The Historical Writings of Shams al-Dīn Muhammad Ibn Tūlūn (1475-1546) Prof. R. Amitai, Prof. M. Winter 2013
Ivgi Gilit Cultural Studies Faculty of Social Sciences The History of the Foundation of the Israel Museum as a National Museum, 1957 - 1965 Prof. R. Ellenblum, Prof. S. Sabar, Mr. Y. Zalmona 2019
Most Ehud Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities The History of the Late Ottoman Empire in Islamist Historiography @@The Case of Sultan Abdülhamit II (R.1876-1909) Prof. Eyal Ginio 2023
Feferman Kiril Contemporary Jewry Humanities The Holocaust in the Crimea and the Caucasus Prof. M. Altshuler, Prof. D. Bankier 2008
Dijour Elena Russian Studies Humanities The Home in Russian Prose of 19th and Early 20th Centuries Prof. R. Timenchik 2013
Salfity Elias Philosophy Faculty of Humanities The Human Right to Democracy: Claimability, Reparations and the Right to (Priority) Assistance for Historical Injustice Prof. D. Enoch 2020
Rosenzweig Ido Law Faculty of Law The Humanization of Combatants @@The Right to Life of Combatants under International Law Prof. Yuval Shany and Prof. Noam Lubell 2023
Bumann Ernest Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Humanities The Hyksos and Acculturation Processes of Acculturation of the Asiatic Population at Tell el-Dabۢۢa (Avaris) during the Late Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period Prof. O. Goldwasser, Prof. M. Bietak 2010
Michael-Gayego Ayelet Microbiology Medicine The Identification and Role of the SilCR Peptide in Virulence Attenuation of Group G Streptococcus Prof. A. Moses 2013