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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Shilo Tal Field & Vegetable Crops Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Mechanism of Glyphosate Toxicity on Egyptian Broomrape (Phelipanche aegyptiaca Pers.) Associated with Tomato Prof. B. Rubin, Prof. S. Wolf, Prof. H. Eizenberg 2018
Shiloach Tamar Cancer Research Medicine The Mechanizm of Truncated Livin Induced Cell Death Prof. D. Ben-Yehuda 2014
Shiloh-Dayan Yonatan History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities A Continental Tradition in Transit: Émigré Historians and German History in the Israeli Academy Prof. Y. Weiss 2021
Shimoni Shmuel Law Faculty of Law Assignment of Rights - Its Contributions and Risks Prof. B. Proat, Prof. E. Zamir 2022
Shimoni Edna Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare Relationship between Interpersonal Relationships and Children's Subjective Well-being in Israel Prof. A. Ben-Arieh 2017
Shimoni Yishai Physics Science Multipartite Entanglement and its Role in Quantum Algorithms Prof. O. Biham 2008
Shimoni-Sebag Ariel Veterinary Medicine Structure-Function Study of the Splicing Oncoprotein SRSF1 in Cellular Transformation Prof. R. Karni 2015
Shimony Nilly Cancer Research Medicine Characterization of Extracellular Matrix-Induced Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Cell Resistance in 2-and 3- Dimensional Culture Systems Dr. Y. Haviv, Prof. A. Panet 2011
Shimony Mazar Orly Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Identification and Characterization of New Candidate Proteins for Vaccination Against Leishmaniasis using a Novel Approach Prof. C. Jaffe 2018
Shimony-Kanat Sarit Public Health Medicine Examining Child Booster Seats Use with Ecological Model: Personal Characteristics, Parent-Child Relationship, and Neighborhood Characteristics Prof. R. Gofin 2013
Shimron Simcha Chemistry Science Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Structures of Nucleic Acids; Development of Amplified Sensing Platforms, Controlled Catalytic Processes and the Construction of Functional Nanostructures Prof. I. Willner 2014
Shimshoni Jakob Avi Pharmaceutics Medicine Pharmacokinetic-Based Design of New CNS-Active Analogues of Valproic Acid Derivatives with Improved Potency and Low Toxicity Prof. M. Bialer, Prof. B. Yagen 2009
Shin Seoung-Yun Bible Humanities A Lexical Study on the Language of Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi and its Place in the History of Biblical Hebrew Prof. A. Hurvitz 2008
Shini Mohanad Ahmad Computer Science Science Algorithms for Improved Cancer Detection with Electrical Measurements Enhanced Biopsy Prof. B. Rubinsky 2013
Shinobu Ai Chemistry Science Computer Simulations of Water Exchange and Hydrogen-Bond Networks in the Green Fluorescent Protein Prof. N. Agmon 2016
Shipov Anna Veterinary Medicine Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Selected Metabolic Syndromes Affecting Cortical and Cancellous Bone in Different Animal Models Prof. R. Shahar, Prof. S. Weiner 2018
Shir Shai Islamic & Middle East Studies. Faculty of Humanities Revisiting Persian Ilkhanid Historiography: Vaṣṣāf’s Appendix, the Yasa and Royal Hierarchy Prof. R. Amitai, Prof. M. Biran 2020
Shir Ruth Physics Faculty of Science Contemporary Concepts in Perturbative Field Theories Prof. B. Kol 2018
Shirian Jason Structural & Molecular Biochemistry the Faculty of Science Development of Next Generation Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors Prof. J. Shifman 2023
Shitrit Aderet Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Infants With Down Syndrome and Their Mothers: A Longitudinal Study of Child's Temperament, Maternal Characteristics, the Quality of Interaction and Infant Development Prof. C. Shulman 2021
Shitrit Talya Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Language of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Stories Linguistic Means of Text Structure in the Aramaic of Talmudic Stories Prof. Y. Breuer, Prof. E. Cohen 2021
Shkedi-Rafid Shiri Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine Screening for Susceptibility Genes- The Experience of Carriers Belonging to Non-High- Risk Families, and Clinicians' Attitudes Toward Population Screening Prof. V. Meiner, Prof. B. Prainsack 2013
Shlar Ilya Biochemistry & Food Sciences Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Antimicrobial Curcumin-Based Nanomaterials and Mechanisms of their Biological Effect Prof. S. Droby, Dr. V. Rodov 2019
Shleizer-Burko Sharona Computer Science The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Control of the Morphogenetic Activity of the Tomato Leaf by LANCEOLATE Prof. N. Ori, Dr. L. Eshed-Williams 2015
Shlevinski Orit Education Humanities Back-burner' Nationalism in the NA'ALEH Program Prof. T. Rapoport 2010