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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort ascending Year of Graduation
Levints-Gilai Edith Business Administration School of Business Administration Attachment Style - the Organizational Glue: The Relationship between Attachment Style and Organizational Commitment Prof. A. Kluger, Prof. A. Cohen 2009
Lehmann Michal Business Administration School of Business Administration Humility as a Dyadic Phenomenon: Relational Predictors of Humility and Dyadic Outcomes in Organizations Prof. A. Kluger 2022
Haimson Baruch Neurobiology the Faculty of Medicine Characterizing Spinal Neuronal Circuits Responsible for Coordinated Locomotion and Wing Flapping in Chick Prof. A. Klar, Prof. A. Lev-Tov 2021
Kohl Ayelet Veterinary Medicine The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Characterization of Developmental Mechanisms, Axonal Growth and targeting of Dorsal Interneurons in the Chick Hindbrain Prof. A. Klar, Dr. D. Sela-Donenfeld 2016
Hadas Yoav Neurobiology Medicine Transcriptional Code of Differentiation, Wiring and Activity of Spinal Interneurons Prof. A. Klar 2014
Avraham Oshri Occupational Therapy Medicine Transcriptional Control of Axonal Guidance in Dorsal Interneurons Prof. A. Klar 2015
Zisman Sophie Neurobiology Medicine The Role of Post-Translational Modifications in Axon Guidance During Embryonic Development Prof. A. Klar 2012
Hanuka-Taflia Nirit Agr. Economics & Management Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Analysis of Reasons for the Change in Labor Wages, Income and Income Inequality in Israel: 1983-2008 Prof. A. Kimhi 2018
Benmoshe Nir Atmospheric Sciences Science Turbulent Structure of Cumulus Clouds and Effects of Turbulence on Cloud Microstructure and Precipitation Prof. A. Khain 2014
Shpund Jacob Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science The Effects of Sea-Spray on Deep Mixed-Phase Convective Clouds and Intensity of Hurricanes Prof. A. Khain 2020
Ilotoviz Eyal Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science Investigation of Effects of Aerosols on Convective Clouds Microphysics Using a Cloud Model with Spectral Bin Microphysics and Polarimetric Radar Signatures Prof. A. Khain 2018
Magaritz-Ronen Leehi Atmospheric Sciences Science Investigation of Fine Processes in the Formation of Stratocumulus Cloud Microstructure and Precipitation Prof. A. Khain 2016
Gefen-Treves Shany Plant Science the Faculty of Science The Mechanisms Supporting the Crustose Coralline Alga Neogoniolithon sp. Survival in the Harsh Conditions of the Abrasion Platforms Along the Israeli Rocky Shore - A Microbial Oriented Approach Prof. A. Kaplan, Prof. D. Tchernov 2021
Weiss Gad Plant Science the Faculty of Science Interactions of the Cyanobacteria With Their Environment as a Means to Exterminate Toxic Cyanobacteria Blooms Prof. A. Kaplan, Prof. A. Sukenik 2021
Treves Haim Plant Science Faculty of Science A Newly Isolated Green Alga From Desert Crusts - an Unusual Combination of a Unique Survival Capability and Record High Growth and Photosynthetic Rates Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. Y. Shotland 2018
Oren Nadav Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science Exploring the Mechanisms Whereby Leptolyngbya ohadii Can Cope With Hydration - Dehydration Cycles in Desert Biological Soil Crusts Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. D. Sher 2020
Bar-Yosef Yehonatan Ecological Biology Science Environment -Dependent Interactions between the Toxic Cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon ovalisporum and other Phytoplankton Species in Lake Kinneret Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. A. Sukenik 2011
Harel Moshe Ecological Biology Science The Reasons and Mechanisms of Microcystis Bloom Decay Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. A. Sukenik 2012
Kahlon Shira Plant Sciences Science Do We Understand Glucose Sensing in Synechocystis PCC 6803? Prof. A. Kaplan 2009
Dayan Maya Molecular Biology Science Effect of Carbon Availability on Photosynthetic Microorganisms- Physiology and Signaling Pathways Prof. A. Kaplan 2015
Murik Omer Plant Sciences Science Prior Acquisition of Antioxidant Activity Enhances Oxidative Stress-induced Cell Death: What Determines Life or Death? Prof. A. Kaplan 2013
Kedem Isaac Plant Science the Faculty of Science Exploring the Mysteries of the Green Alga Chlorella ohadii Prof. A. Kaplan 2021
Eisenstadt Doron Plant Sciences Science Acclimation of Diatoms to Stress Conditions- The Role of Electron Transfer in Energy Dissipation Following Excessive Light Exposure Prof. A. Kaplan 2011
Hagiladi Nimrod History Humanities The Israeli Society and the Black Market from World War II to the Early 1950's Prof. A. Kadish, Prof. Y. Greenberg 2012
Radai Itamar History Humanities A Tale of Two Cities: The Palestinian-Arab Society, Institutions and Fighters in Jerusalem and Jaffa 1947 – 1948 Prof. A. Kadish, Prof. M. Ma'oz 2010