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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort ascending Year of Graduation
Steinman Noam School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Hydrophilic Functional Polymers Prof. A. J. Domb 2022
Yudovin-Farber Ira Medical Chemistry Medicine Bioactive Polyelecrolytes Prof. A. J. Domb 2009
Farber Shimon Medical Chemistry Medicine Macromolecular Systems with Biological Activity Prof. A. J. Domb 2011
Haim Zada Moran School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Synthesis and Characterization of Implantable Biodegradable Polymers Based on Natural Fatty Acids and Their Use for Delivery of Drugs and Imaging Agents Prof. A. J. Domb 2020
Farah Shady Pharmaceutics Medicine Bioactive Antimicrobial and Antiproliferative Surfaces Prof. A. J. Domb 2015
Levi Yair Medical Chemistry Medicine Investigation and Implementation of Implantable Coatings for Minimal Invasive Procedures Prof. A. J. Domb 2010
Gumennik Alexander Applied Physics Science Refractive Index Engineering of Photonic Devices in Electro-Optic Substrates by Implantation of Light Energetic Lons Prof. A. J. Agranat 2011
Sapiens Noam Applied Physics Science Wavelength Addressing in Power Grid Based Parallel Optical Networks Prof. A. J. Agranat 2011
Kabessa Yossef Applied Physics Faculty of Science Methods and Deployment Schemes of Optoelectronic Biosensing Based on Genetically Engineered Bacteria Prof. A. J. Agranat 2020
Frishman Sagi Applied Physics Faculty of Science Dynamic Optical Circuit Switching and its Implementation by Electroholography Prof. A. J. Agranat 2019
Stein-Zamir Chen Public Health Faculty of Medicine Assessment of Vaccination Acceptance Rates According to the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule in Israel, among Infants and Toddlers, Investigation of Characteristics and Background Factors Related to Timeliness and Completeness of Routine Vaccination Prof. A. Israeli 2018
Tenenbaum Tovi Public Health Faculty of Medicine Hospital Drug Formularies in Israel: Inclusion of New Drugs and Maintaining Continuity of Care Prof. A. Israeli 2020
Shin Seoung-Yun Bible Humanities A Lexical Study on the Language of Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi and its Place in the History of Biblical Hebrew Prof. A. Hurvitz 2008
Mizrahi Noam Bible Humanities The Lexicon and Phraseology of the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice Prof. A. Hurvitz 2009
Golan Ben-Uri Judith Hebrew Language Humanities Lexical Aspects in Dating the Book of Jonah: Linguistic Data and Methodological Considerations Prof. A. Hurvitz 2012
Udi-Risen Shiran Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry the Faculty of Dental Medicine Role of the Cannabinoid-1 Receptor (CB1R) in Obesity-Induced Renal Dysfunction Prof. A. Hovav. Prof. J. Tam 2021
Barel Or Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry the Faculty of Dental Medicine The Role of the Immune Sentinels of the Oral Epithelium in Periodontitis Models Prof. A. Hovav 2023
Capucha Tal Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine The Ontogeny and Function of Oral Langerhans Cells at Steady State and Inflammatory Conditions Prof. A. Hovav 2020
Levaot Noam Molecular Biology Medicine A Novel Approach of RNA Interference to Study Viral and Cellular Functions Prof. A. Honigman, Prof. A. Panet 2008
Meyuhas Ronit Cancer Research Medicine The Role of the Transcription Factor CREB in Regulating the Angiogenesis Gene CYR61 at Hypoxia, in Tumor Cells Prof. A. Honigman 2008
Goshen-Lago Tal Molecular Biology Medicine The Pivotal Role of the Transcription Factor CREB at Cells Response to Hypoxia and its Control by SUMO-1 Prof. A. Honigman 2012
Waksman Yael Law Faculty of Law Perpetual Trusts in Comparative and Israeli Law: Historical Sources, Normative Discussion and a Proposed Statutory Amendment Prof. A. Hofri-Winogradow 2019
Horwitz Ehud Pharmaceutics Medicine Assessment of Methods for Optimization of Antimicrobial Therapy and for Minimization of Antimicrobial Resistance Prof. A. Hoffman, Prof. M. Shapiro 2011
Perlman Amichai School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Evaluating Medication Safety in Older Adults Using Pharmacoepidemiologic Methods Prof. A. Hoffman, Prof. I. Matok 2020
Haroutiunian Simon Pharmaceutics Medicine Improving Pain Pharmacotherapy by Promotion of Translational Research (TR) Methods Prof. A. Hoffman, Dr. E. Davidson 2012