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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Burns Elia Molecular Immunology Dental-Medicine The Importance of Toll-like Receptor Signaling in the Response to Porphyromonas gingivalis and in the Development of Periodontitis Dr. G. Nussbaum 2010
Sabban- Amin Revital Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Influence of Warm Short Days on the Molecular Mechnism of Flowering in the Plant Arabidopsis thaliana Dr. A. Samach 2010
Radai Itamar History Humanities A Tale of Two Cities: The Palestinian-Arab Society, Institutions and Fighters in Jerusalem and Jaffa 1947 – 1948 Prof. A. Kadish, Prof. M. Ma'oz 2010
Parnas Moshe Neurobiology Medicine The Voltage Dependence of TRP Channels and its Modulation by Lipids Prof. B. Minke 2010
Levi Yair Medical Chemistry Medicine Investigation and Implementation of Implantable Coatings for Minimal Invasive Procedures Prof. A. J. Domb 2010
Halevi Masha Geography Social Sciences Reshaping a Sacred Landscape: Antonio Barluzzi and the Rebuilding of the Catholic Shrines in the Holy Land: Political, Geographical and Cultural Influences Prof. R. Ellenblum, Prof. H. Goren 2010
Fernandess Yaacov Computer Science Science On Collaborative Information Spreading Via Randomized Gossip Prof. D. Malkhi 2010
Bartal Renana History of Art Humanities Varied Visions: The Making of Three Fourteenth-Century English Apocalypse Manuscripts Prof. B. Kühnel, Prof. J. Lowden 2010
Larkov-Dudai Olga Plant Sciences Science Aromatic Plants as a Source of Natural Chiral Semiochemicals Prof. A.M. Mayer, Prof. U. Ravid 2010
Reich Adi Animal Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Mechanisms Involved in the Effect of Mechanical Load on Chondrocyte in the Growth Plate Dr. E. Monsonego-Ornan 2010
Blustein Miri Musicology Humanities Period Style, Local Style and Individual Style in Two Part Madrigals of the Trecento Prof. J. Hirshberg 2010
Keller Nathan Mathematics Science Influences of Variables on Boolean Functions Prof. G. Kalai 2010
Gatt Lihi Social Work Social Work and Social Welfare Video-aided Supervision' in Early Childhood Daycare Centers: A Narrative Analysis of the Supervisee's Perspective Pro. M. Rosenthal 2010
Robinson Sharon D.M. physiology Dental-Medicine Salivary Gland Radioprotection by Heat Acclimation Mediated Cross-Tolerance: Is Increasing HSP70 Alone Enough? Prof. M. Horowitz, Prof. Y. Marmary 2009
Ezrachi Amir Psychology Social Sciences Mutual Adaptations between Therapist & Patient in Dynamic Psychotherapy: An Analysis by the Systemic Quality Life Model Prof. S.Shye 2009
Gill Ron Chemistry Science Optical and Electro-Optical Applications of Functional Biomolecular Systems Prof. I. Willner 2009
Friedman Chana Talmud and Halacha Humanities Law of Mourning and their Significance in the Babylonian Talmud, the Tractate of Moed Katan and its Parallels Prof. M. Halbertal, Prof. S. Naeh 2009
Ben Haroush-Schyr Rachel Molecular Biology Medicine The Caudal Proteins as Regulators of Hox Gene Expression Prof. A. Fainsod 2009
Yermiash Rivka History Humanities The Wings of the Empire: The Royal Air Force in Palestine and Transjordan, 1919 – 1939 Prof. M. van Creveld 2009
Hammer Rubi Computational Neuroscience Science The Dynamics of Category Learning and Knowledge Acquisition Processes Prof. S. Hochstein 2009
Yermiyahu Zohar Chemistry Science The Adsorption and the Synthesis of Azo Dyes in the Interlayer Space of Montmorillonite Prof. S. Yariv 2009
Miaari Sami H. Economics Social Sciences The Labor Market Cost of Conflict: An Empirical Analysis of Employment and Earnings Prof. E. Sheshinsky 2009
Motlis-Gerson Ariela Molecular Biology Medicine Oct-3/4 Regulates Stem Cell Identity and Cell Fate Decisions by Modulating Wnt /β-catenin Signaling Prof. Y. Bergman 2009
Loebenstein - Witztum Judith Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Legal and Historical Aspects of Jihād in Al-Andalus (2nd / 8th–5th / 11th Centuries) Prof. M. Fierro, Prof. E. Landau-Tasseron 2009
Klutstein Michael Molecular Biology Science The Interplay between Two Meiosis Middle Phase Transcription Factors and a Search for New Transcription Factors Involved in Meiosis Regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Prof. G. Simchen, Dr. I. Simon 2009