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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort ascending Year of Graduation
Woo Joanna Physics Science On Star Formation and its Suppression in Galaxies Prof. A. Dekel 2014
Neistein Eyal Physics Science Dark-Matter Haloes and their Role in Galaxy Formation Prof. A. Dekel 2009
Mandelker Nir Yehuda Physics Science Violent Galaxies at High Redshift: Streams and Disk Instability Prof. A. Dekel 2017
Lapiner Sharon Physics the Faculty of Science Compaction to a Blue Nugget and Black-Hole Growth Prof. A. Dekel 2023
Zinger Elad Physics Science Structure and Properties of the Intra-Cluster Medium and the Role of Gaz Streams Prof. A. Dekel 2016
Yaffe Nachumi (Miriam Nechama) Conflict Management & Resolution Faculty of Social Sciences Poverty and Identity in the Ultra- Orthodox Community in Israel Prof. A. de-Shalit, Prof. E. Halperin 2018
Hofnung Tamar Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Tracing the Inevitable: A Genealogy Examining How Initially Undesired Solutions Became Contested Policies Impervious to Change? Prof. A. De-Shalit 2020
Kaddar Merav Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Individuals' Urban Agency Prof. A. de-Shalit 2021
Itay Anat Political Science Social Sciences Towards a Qualitative Model of Progress Prof. A. De-Shalit 2012
Hofstadter Noam Political Science Social Sciences The Expression of Values in the Practice of Not-for-Profit Human and Civil Rights Organizations Prof. A. De-Shalit 2011
Glick Lior Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences The Politics of the City – A Theoretical Discussion on Three Contemporary Questions Prof. A. de-Shalit 2021
Yair Omer Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Political Bias and Perceptions of Political Bias Prof. A. de Shalit, Prof. R. Sulitzeanu-Kenan 2018
Barak Nir Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Civic Ecologism: Towards an Environmental Political Theory of the City Prof. A. de Shalit 2018
Schachter Batyah Archaeology & Ancient Near East Faculty of Humanities Movement and Consciousness: The King Facing God on the Reliefs of the Temple of Ramses III in Medinet Habu (12th c. BCE), Egypt Prof. A. David, Prof. T. Ornan 2021
Voskoboinik Lev Genetics Faculty of Science Development of Methods for Analysis of Complex Forensic DNA Mixtures Using SNPs Prof. A. Darvasi, Prof. U. Motro 2018
Nissenbaum Yonatan (Jonathan) Human& Mammalian Genetics Science Identification of Gene(s) Affecting the Susceptibility to Neuropathic Pain Prof. A. Darvasi 2011
Granot Elad Computer Sciences the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Theory of Neural Networks Prof. A. Daniely 2023
Amir Roni History of Art Humanities Stylistic Trends of Architectural Decoration in Egypt from the Fourth to Seventh Centuries, as Reflected in the City of Heracleopolis Magna, and in the Monasteries of Apa Apollo in Bawit and Apa Jeremias in Saqqara Prof. A. Cohen-Mushlin, Prof. Y. Tsafrir 2009
Salameh Khader Islamic and Middle East Studies Humanities The Islamic Law Court in Jerusalem during the Rule of Sultan Suleyman 1520-1566 : The Judicial and Administrative System Prof. A. Cohen, Prof. E. Ginio 2017
Tenzer Mira Science Teaching Science Scientific and Technological Literacy- Middle School Teachers' and Students' Conceptions of "Science", "Technology" and its Ethics' and Socials Implications as a Result of Changes in the Science and Technology Curriculum Prof. A. Cohen, Dr. Z. Milgrom 2008
Segal Lea History and Philosophy of Science Humanities Moral Aspects of Science and Technology in Science Education Prof. A. Cohen Prof. D. Zeidler, 2008
Israel Moran Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Spatial Attention Across Perception and Action Prof. A. Cohen 2019
Kron Assaf Psychology Social Sciences Emotion and Effort: Studies on the Mental Load on Emotional Feelings and Emotion Recognition Prof. A. Cohen 2011
Twick Moran Psychology Social Sciences The Verbal Module: Separate Representations for a Word and What it Denotes: Shared Representations for Visual and Auditory Words Prof. A. Cohen 2013
Isaac Sara Molecular Biology Medicine The Effect of Epe1 on Heterochromatin Structure in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Prof. A. Cohen 2009