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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Amsalem Eran Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences within a Joint Program with University of Antwerp Simple Political Communication: Nature, Causes and Consequences Prof. T. Sheafer, Prof. S. Walgrave 2020
Barzilai Reut English Humanities True Performing Shakespeare, Meta-Theatricality and Anti-Theatricality Prof. T. Zamir 2017
Shalom Or Mathematics the Faculty of Science The Structure of the Universal Characteristic Factors and Applications Prof. T. Ziegler 2023
Jakob Sadeh Linda Business Administration School of Business Administration Bringing 'Together': Emotion, Space and Power in Organizational Responses to Institutional Complexity Prof. T. Zilber 2019
Navon Wurgaft Aya Business Administration School of Business Administration From Social Business to Impact Nation @@Frames, Networks, and Systemic Power in an Emerging Issue Field Prof. Tammar Zilber 2023
Malin Yael Education The Seymour Fox School of Education From Inward Out @@Mindfulness, Morality, and Prosociality Prof. Thomas Gumpel 2023
Asor Lior Chemistry the Faculty of Science Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals: From Structure to Functionality in All Nanocrystal Based Electrical Devices Prof. U. Banin 2023
Hadar Ido Chemistry Science Dimensionality Effects in Semiconductor Nanorods - Optical Study from Single Particles to Ensemble Prof. U. Banin 2017
Shaviv Ehud Chemistry Science Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanorods and Semiconductor-Metal Hybrid Nanoparticles Prof. U. Banin 2012
Costi Ronny Chemistry Science Light-Induced Charging and Charge Separation in Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanodumbbells Prof. U. Banin 2010
Mocatta David Chemistry Science The Interaction between Metals and InAs Nanocrystals: The Synthesis of Doped and Hybrid Nanostructures Prof. U. Banin 2014
Kazes Miri Chemistry Science Investigation of the Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals as Laser Materials Prof. U. Banin 2010
Yoskovitz Eyal Chemistry Science Apertureless Near Field Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Single Nanocrystals Prof. U. Banin 2012
Sitt Amit Chemistry Science Size and Dimensionality Effects on Optical Properties of Heterostructured Semiconductor Nanocrystals Prof. U. Banin 2013
Elimelech-Goldstein Orian Chemistry the Faculty of Science Physico-Chemical Properties of the Nanocrystal Surface: The Thermodynamics of the Surface Ligands Prof. U. Banin 2023
Panfil Efraim Yossef Chemistry the Faculty of Science Coupled Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystal Quantum Dots; From Coupling Effects to Quantum Hybridization Prof. U. Banin 2023
Ben-Shahar Yuval Chemistry Faculty of Science Hybrid Semiconductor-Metal Nanorods as Photocatalysts; Synthesis and Study of Photocatalytic Properties Prof. U. Banin 2019
Amit Yorai Chemistry Science Heavily Doped InAs Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Doping Mechanisms Prof. U. Banin 2017
Halivni Shira Chemistry Faculty of Science Semiconductor Nanocrystals Based Structures for 2D and 3D Printing Applications Prof. U. Banin 2019
Vinokurov Kathy Chemistry Science Copper Sulfide Nanocrystals and Combination with Metals: Synthesis, Assembly and Properties Prof. U. Banin 2017
Aharoni Assaf Chemistry Science Synthesis and Optical Properties of III-V Semiconductor Nanocrystals Prof. U. Banin 2008
Salant Asaf Chemistry Science Assembly of Nanoparticles on Substrates and Solar Cell Function Prof. U. Banin 2013
Bekenstein Yehonadav Physics Science Electrical Effects of Metallic Structuring and Doping in Cu2S Colloidal Quantum Dots Prof. U. Banin, 2016
Waiskopf Nir Chemistry Science Optical Modulation of Biological Systems with Semiconductor and Semiconductor-Metal Hybrid Nanoparticles Prof. U. Banin, Prof. H. Soreq 2017
Heimann Gadi International Relations Social Sciences France-Israel Relations Under De-Gaulle's Presidency 1958-1967 Prof. U. Bialer, Prof. B. Pinkus 2009