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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Baruch Eyal Animal/ Plant Breeding and Genetics Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Molecular Models for Genetic Analysis Dr. J. I. Weller 2009
Ventura Gal History of Art Humanities Breastfeeding Depictions in 19th Century French Art Prof. Z. Amishai-Maisels 2009
Heimann Gadi International Relations Social Sciences France-Israel Relations Under De-Gaulle's Presidency 1958-1967 Prof. U. Bialer, Prof. B. Pinkus 2009
Tockus-Rappoport Lana Science Teaching Science Computer Simulations as a Bridge between Different Representation Levels of Scientific Concepts Dr. G. Ashkenazi 2009
Haskin Meira (mimi) Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore Humanities The Combat Casualties in the Literature of the Second Aliah Prof. H. Hever 2009
Mimrod Dorit Pharmaceutics Medicine Pharmacokinetic Analysis of the CNS Drug Topiramate in Various Groups of Epileptic Patients Prof. M. Bialer, Prof. S. Soback 2009
Itzick Michal Criminology Law Legal, Ideological and Organizational Aspects in the Child Protection Officer's Role Dr. M. Ajzenstadt, Prof. L. Sebba 2009
Yudovin-Farber Ira Medical Chemistry Medicine Bioactive Polyelecrolytes Prof. A. J. Domb 2009
Varshavsky Roy Computational Neuroscience Science Mining Large-scale Genomic and Proteomic Data: Algorithms, Tools and Inference Prof. M. Linial, Prof. D. Horn 2009
Rubin-Shostak Kineret Political Science Social Sciences The Attitudes of Mizrahim Identifing with the Shas Party: Jewish Fundamentalism and Social Change in the 1990's Prof. Ira Sharkanski 2009
Sheffer Marisa Chemistry Science Investigation of Electron Transfer Processes and Surface Modifications with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) Prof. D. Mandler 2009
Olmert Dana Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore Humanities The Growth of Hebrew Poetry by Women during the Nineteen Twenties – Feminist and Psychoanalytical Perspectives Dr. A. Hirshfeld 2009
Rizkov Dan Applied Chemistry Science Non-Covalent, Non-Stoichiometric Low Molecular Weight Gels of Variable Stoichiometry Prof. O. Lev 2009
Bitan Menachem Cancer Research Medicine Involvement and Function of Heparanase in the Immune and Hematopoietic Systems Prof. I. Vlodavsky 2009
Dayan Adit Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Impact of Immigration and Absorption Experience on the Deterioration of Former Soviet Union Emigrants Resulting Homelessness Prof. E. Leshem , Dr. R. Shor 2009
Qvit-Raz Noga Plant Sciences Science Characterization of the Microbial Community on the Phyllosphere of Tamarix Prof. S. Belkin 2009
Chen Sarina Jewish and Comparative Folklore Humanities Between Poetics and Politics Vision and Praxis in Current Activity to Construct the Third Temple Prof. R. Elior, Dr. H. Salamon 2009
Danon Michael Plant Protection Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Suppression of Sclerotium rolfsii in Compost: Characterization and Function of the Microbial Populations Prof. Y. Hadar, Prof. Y. Chen 2009
Smetannikov Anatoly Middle and East European Culture Humanities Criticism of the "Zeitgeist" in Russian Conservative Thought during the "Period of Reaction" (the late Nineteenth century): N. Strakhov, C. Pobedonostsev, C. Leont'ev Late Prof. J. Frankel. Dr. N. Pratt 2009
Elizur-Schlesinger Sharon Molecular Biology Medicine Allelic Exclusion of Ribosomal RNA Genes Prof. H. Cedar, Prof. Y. Bergman 2009
Ionescu Michael Microbiology Science Exopolysaccharide Synthesis in Escherichia coli in Response to Osmotic Stress Prof. S. Belkin 2009
Krupka Eyal Computer Sciences Science Generalization from Observed to Unobserved Features Prof. N. Tishby 2009
Zion Golumbic Elana Cognitive Sciences Humanities Dynamics of Neural Synchronization in Face Detection, Recognition and Identification A Systematic Investigation of EEG Activity in Multiple Frequency Bands, Across Different Levels of Face Processing Prof. S. Bentin, Prof. M. Kutas 2009
Grad (Itach) Etty Medical Biochemistry Medicine C-Reactive Protein in Vascular Injury and Repair: Molecular and Cellular Pro-Thrombotic Mechanism Prof. G. Golomb, Dr. H. Danenberg 2009
Segev Elad Chemistry Science Conformational Changes in Biological Molecules: New Computational Methods, and Comparison with Experiment Prof. R. B. Gerber 2009