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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Barazani Nava - Tova Cultural Studies-Individual Graduate Prog Faculty of Social Sciences Childhood Memory Image of Libyan Jewish Community During the War and Holocaust in 1938-1945 Prof. A. Goldberg 2020
Barbash Shahar Brain Science: Computation& Information Proc. The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences RNA Regulation in the Human Brain: From MicroRNA Evolution to Alzheimer's Disease Prof. H. Soreq 2016
Barbé Hervé Haim History Humanities The Safed Castle and its Territory in the Crusader Period Prof. B.Z. Kedar, Prof. N. Faucherre 2012
Barbie-Shoshani Yael Pharmaceutics Medicine The Impact of Prenatal Stress on Brain Development in the Rat Offspring Prof. M. Weinstock-Rosin 2013
Barda Omer Agroecology and Plant Health Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Involvement of Arabidopsis thaliana IQD1 in Glucosinolate Production and Defense Against Botrytis cinerea Dr. M. Levy 2020
Bardavid Yosef Chemistry Science Conducting Polymer Hybrid Nanostructures Prof. S. Yitzchaik 2010
Bareket Shaked Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences The Politics of Tourism in Israel Prof. M. Hofnung, Prof. N. Shoval 2018
Barel Or Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry the Faculty of Dental Medicine The Role of the Immune Sentinels of the Oral Epithelium in Periodontitis Models Prof. A. Hovav 2023
Bargouth Venus English Faculty of Humanities Wordsworth's Revisions of Salisbury Plain, The Borderers and The Ruined Cottage Prof. L. Toker 2019
Barkai Omer Neurobiology the Faculty of Medicine A Walk Through the Inflammatory Pain Pathway - From Peripheral Terminal Structures to Spinal Cord Coding Prof. A. Binshtok 2021
Barkan-Michaeli Rachel Cellular Biology Science The Roles of LEM-Domain Proteins in Muscle Function and Organization and DNA Damage Repair in Caenorhabditis elegans Prof. Y. Gruenbaum 2014
Barlasov Anna Brain and Behavior Sciences Science Perception of Illusory Contour Figures: Explicit and Implicit Cognitive Mechanisms Prof. S. Hochstein 2010
Barmak Sagi History of Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities Sidney Hook: A Cold War Liberal Turned Neoconservative Prof. E. Lederhendler 2020
Barnai Samuel Contemporary Jewry Humanities Soviet Jews in the Post-Stalin Era 1953-1964 Prof. Y. Ro'i, Prof. E. Lederhendler, Late Prof. J. Frankel 2013
Barnea Ilan Mathematics Science From Weak Fibration Categories to Model Categories Prof. E. D. Farjoun 2013
Barnea Zach Applied Chemistry Science Innovative Methods for Abatement of Flue Gas from Coal Fired Power Plant using Task Specific Ionic Liquids Prof. Y. Sasson 2014
Barnea Maayan Nutrition The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Modulation of the Metabolic Sensor AMPK by High-Fat Diet or Metformin Resets the Circadian Clock Prof. O. Froy, Prof. Z. Madar 2014
Barnea Idan Soil and Water Sciences Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Evaluation of Vegetated Agricultural Drainage Ditches (VADDs) to Reduce Phosphorous Leaching from Farm Fields to Waterways Prof. I. M. Litaor, Dr. T. Yaccoby 2020
Barneron Meir Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Making Self-Serving Decisions at the Expense of Others: An Investigation of Two Psychological Processes Underlying Selfish Behavior Prof. I. Yaniv 2020
Barniv Dana Brain Science: Computation& Information Processing The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Mechanisms of Auditory Streaming Prof. I. Nelken, Prof. M. Tsodyks 2017
Baror-Sebban Shulamit Cancer Research Medicine The Alternative Splicing of Lysy1 Oxidase-Like 4 in Ovarian and Breast Carcinomas Prof. R. Reich 2011
Barr Kasey Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Groupthink, Polythink and Con-Div in U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Prof. D. Levi-Faur, Prof. A. Mintz 2021
Bartal Renana History of Art Humanities Varied Visions: The Making of Three Fourteenth-Century English Apocalypse Manuscripts Prof. B. Kühnel, Prof. J. Lowden 2010
Barth Ido Physics Science Autoresonance in Dynamical Systems of Many Degrees of Freedom Prof. L. Friedland 2012
Baruch Yael Chemistry the Faculty of Science Entrapment of Enzymes in Gold Matrices Prof. D. Avnir 2023