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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort ascending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Weiner Assaf Computer Science Science Systematic Dissection of Chromatin Roles in Transcription Regulation Prof. N. Friedman 2017
Sarig Assaf Statistics Social Sciences Algorithms for Solving Deterministic Scheduling Problems: Due-Date and Due-Window Assignment and Maintenance Scheduling Prof. G. Mosheiov 2010
B. Spanier Assaf Bio-Engineering Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Structure – Specific Automatic Multi-Parametric Medical Image Analysis and Retrieval Prof. L. Joskowics 2018
Shaham Assaf Physics Science Controllable Decoherence of Photonic Qudits Prof. H. S. Eisenberg 2017
Zohar Assaf Neurobiology Science Employing Mathematical Models to Study: (i) The Mechanism Underlying Charge Movement in GPCRs (ii) The Absorption of Orally Administered Drugs Prof. H. Parnas 2011
Shelleg Assaf Musicology Humanities From the Children of Foreigners and Hebrews: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's 'Jewish Cycle' Research During his 'Italian' Period Prof. E. Seroussi 2008
Gefen Assaf Sociology and Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences Parallel Universes: The Professional Gap between Doctors and Nurses and its Impact on Human Dignity in Israel's Health System Prof. G. Yair 2019
Zipori Assaf Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science Interactions between Aerosols and Rain Clouds as a Function of Aerosols' Types and Sources Prof. Y. Erel, Prof. D. Rosenfeld 2018
Rokney Assaf Microbiology Medicine New Insights into the Process of λ Phage Induction and the Protein Quality Control System in E. coli Prof. A. Oppenheim (deceased), Prof. I. Rosenshine 2010
Harel Assaf Psychology Social Sciences What is Special about Expertise? A Neuroanatomical and Electrophysiological Investigation of Visual Expert Object Recognition Prof. S. Bentin 2009
Shapira Assaf Political Science Social Sciences Immigration and Citizenship Policy in Israel, 1990-2013 Prof. O. Barak, Prof. S. Shenhav 2017
Tabeka Assaf Law Faculty of Law Always Have the Poor with You': Israel's Small Claims Court, Security for Costs and Legal Aid in Poverty Law Perspective Prof. M. Karayanni 2019
Breska Assaf Psychology Social Sciences Automatic and Controlled Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Rhythm-Based and Memory-Based Temporal Predictions Prof. L. Y. Deouell 2017
David Assaf The Program for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies Social Sciences In the Service of his Majesty? Civil-Military Relations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the Reign of King Hussein and King Abdullah II Prof. A. Sela 2011
Eybishtz Assaf Plant Breeding and Genetics The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Characterization of Genes Differentially Expressed in Tomato yellow left curl virus (TYLCV) Resistant and Susceptible Tomato Lines: Analysis of Involvement in TYLCV Resistance Prof. H. Czosnek 2011
Kovo Assaf Economics Faculty of Social Sciences Essays on Economic Behavior and Industrial Organization Prof. E. Winter 2018
Assis Assaf Cellular & Developmental Biology the Faculty of Science Engineering Three-Dimensional (3D) Tissues for In Vivo Applications Including Angiogenesis and Biological Pumps Prof. E. Mitrani 2022
Mahadav Assaf Plant Breeding and Genetics The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Genomic Response of the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci to Different Biotic and Abiotic Stress Factors Prof. H. Czosnek, Dr. M. Ghanim 2011
Bahat Assaf Molecular Biology Science Substrate Induced Transcriptional Upregulation of Mitochondrial Proteases: the Mitochondria Response to Matrix Accumulation of Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory (StAR) Protein Prof. J. Orly 2014
Romanelli Assael Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare I'mprovisation: Training in Theater Improvisation Skills and its Effects on Clinicians' Attitudes and Psychosocial Practices Prof. O. Tishby 2018
Masry-Herzalla Asmahan Geography Social Sciences Jerusalem as a Destination for Internal Migration of Israeli Palestinian Families Prof. E. Razin, Dr. M. Choshen 2012
Rahamim Asif General & Compar. Literature Faculty of Humanities Displaced Cartographers Space, Place, and Mapping in the Poetry of Paul Celan and Avot Yeshurun: A Comparative Study Prof. Y. Rinon, Prof. V. Liska 2021
Schupak Asi Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Changing or Exchanging Attitudes? The Hidden Effects of Approaching and Avoiding Valenced Stimuli Prof. R.R. Hassin, Dr. E. Chajut 2019
Menashe-Oren Ashira Tamar Sociology & Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences Urban and Rural Age Structure Gaps and their Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa Prof. G. Stecklov 2019
Grinberger Asher Yair Geography Faculty of Social Sciences An Integrative Model of Time-Space Behavior Prof. N. Shoval 2018