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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Facultysort descending Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Katz Ori Law Faculty of Law Legal Attitudes and Decision-Making in Contract Law Prof. E. Zamir 2020
Shereshevsky Yahli Law Faculty of Law International Humanitarian Law-Making and the Battle over the Law of Transnational Conflicts Prof. Y. Shany 2019
Hanania Gadi Law Faculty of Law Diffusion of Law from Domestic to International Criminal Law: "Bottom-Up" Mechanisms and Factors Affecting the Diffusion Process Prof. M. Hirsch, Prof. Y. Shany 2019
Gross Shader Claudia Criminology Faculty of Law Can City Government Function as a Super-Controller at Crime "Hot Spots" to Create Lasting Crime Control Benefits? Prof. D. Weisburd 2021
Shraga Eliad Law Faculty of Law Whistleblower Exposure in the Public Service - Duties, Incentives and Defenses Prof. B. Medina 2018
Levitan Danielle Dalit Law Faculty of Law What are the Legitimate Boundaries for State Interference with Childrearing in a Liberal Regime Prof. A. Harel 2019
Tabeka Assaf Law Faculty of Law Always Have the Poor with You': Israel's Small Claims Court, Security for Costs and Legal Aid in Poverty Law Perspective Prof. M. Karayanni 2019
Posner Asaf Law Faculty of Law Prenatal Torts Prof. I. Gilead 2019
Klein Israel Moshe Law Faculty of Law The Normative Status of Accounting Prof. D. Gliksberg 2018
Moyal Shomron Criminology Faculty of Law Disobedience to Law and Political Violence: Empirical Test of an Integrative Model Dr. B. Hasisi, Prof. D. Weisburd 2013
Greenberger Ben Tzion Law Faculty of Law "The Mitzvah to Fulfill the Words of the Deceased" In Jewish Law Prof. B. Lifschitz 2020
Kiel Yishai Law Faculty of Law A Jurisprudential Reading of Rav Sherira’s Epistle and Legal Responsa in the Light of Rabbinic, Islamic and Zoroastrian Legal Culture Prof. H. Ben-Menahem 2020
Mimran Tal Law Faculty of Law The Islamic State and International Law Prof. Y. Shany 2021
Mintz David Law Faculty of Law The Effect of Bankruptcy Proceedings on Third Parties Prof. A. Hamdani 2017
Libman Liron Law Faculty of Law Detterence and the Use of Force in International Law Prof. Y. Shany 2021
Yamin Nir Law Faculty of Law State Aid Regulation in the European Union: A Competition Approach Prof. T. Broude 2018
Kirstein Oscar David Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Visceral Leishmaniasis in North Ethiopian Villages: A Fine Scale Eco-Epidemiological Analysis Prof. A. Warburg 2019
Soudry-Kochavi Liat School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Improved Oral Absorption of Peptides and Proteins via an Original Double Encapsulation Technology Prof. S. Benita 2019
Sinai Lior Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Molecular Dynamics During Revival of Bacterial Spores Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2018
Kushnir Tatyana Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Investigating the Crosstalk between the Ras-ERK Pathway and other Signaling Cascades Prof. Z. Paroush 2020
Rubinchik-Stern Miriam Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine The Impact of Antiepileptic Drugs on Nutrient and Drug Transporter Expression and Function in the Human Placenta Prof. S. Eyal, Prof. A. Hoffman 2018
Azazmeh Narmen Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Effects of Activity of the Tumor Suppressor p16INK4a on Epidermal Structure and Tumorigenesis Prof. I. Ben-Porath 2020
Salameh Sawsan Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Mechanistic and Pharmacological Studies of Pt (IV) Anticancer Agents Prof. D. Gibson 2018
Omar Ibrahim Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine The Role of SLFN2 in Maintaining Quiescence and Homeostasis of T Lymphocytes and Inflammatory Monocytes Dr. M. Berger, Prof. O. Mandelboim 2019
Saragovi Amijai Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Identification and Characterization of Metabolic Pathways Critical for T Cells Development and Activation Dr. M. Berger 2020