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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort descending
Cohen Noam Applied Physics Science Development of a Dual Color, Bias Controlled Quantum Wells Infrared Photodetctors (QWIPs) for Simultaneous Long and Near Infrared Imaging Prof. A. Saar 2009
Sapir Gal Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Gametophytic Self Incompatibility in Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina) - Investigation of the System and its Horticultural Impact Prof. M. Goldway, Dr. S. Shafir 2009
Rubin-Shostak Kineret Political Science Social Sciences The Attitudes of Mizrahim Identifing with the Shas Party: Jewish Fundamentalism and Social Change in the 1990's Prof. Ira Sharkanski 2009
Kahan Natan R. Public Health Medicine The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Data-Driven Methodology to Support Drug Policymaking and Drug Utilization Analysis in an Israeli Health Management Organization Prof. D.P. Chinitz 2009
Olmert Dana Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore Humanities The Growth of Hebrew Poetry by Women during the Nineteen Twenties – Feminist and Psychoanalytical Perspectives Dr. A. Hirshfeld 2009
Shilo Elad Atmospheric Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences A Combination of Numerical Atmospheric Model with Lake Hydrodynamic Model for Study Physical and Ecological Processes in Lake Kinneret Prof. Y. Mahrer, Dr. A. Rimmer and Dr. S. Assouline 2009
Bachrach Yoram Computer Science Science Computational Aspects of Power and Stability in Cooperative Domains Prof. J.S. Rosenschein 2009
Shachmon Ori Arabic Language and Literature Humanities Arabic Dialects of the Jews of North Yemen Prof. S. Hopkins 2009
Abuhatzira Liron Biochemistry Medicine The Role of MeCP2 in Expression and Epigenetic Control of Genes Involved in Rett Syndrome Prof. A. Razin 2009
Friedberg Chen Political Science Social Sciences Parliamentary Oversight of the Executive Branch in Israel: Potential and Reality Prof. R.Y. Hazan 2009
Libman Lior Neurobiology Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Hypoxia -Sensitive Persistent Currents in Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons Prof. M. Gutnick 2009
Goldman Ida Batsheva Jewish Thought Humanities The Hasidic Ritual Object Prof. M. Idel, Prof. S. Sabar 2009
Zmora-Nahum Sharon Soil and Water Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Chemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Components Supporting the Microbial Population in Compost Suppressive to Plant Pathogenic Fungi Prof. Y. Chen, Prof. Y. Hadar 2009
Goren Orly Geology Science Geochemical Evolution and Manganese Mobilization in Organic Enriched Water Recharging a Calcareous- Sandstone Aquifer; Clues from the Shafdan Sewage Treatment Plant Prof. B. Lazar, Dr. I. Gavrieli, Dr. A. Burg 2009
Zion Golumbic Elana Cognitive Sciences Humanities Dynamics of Neural Synchronization in Face Detection, Recognition and Identification A Systematic Investigation of EEG Activity in Multiple Frequency Bands, Across Different Levels of Face Processing Prof. S. Bentin, Prof. M. Kutas 2009
Mayer-Sonnenfeld Tehila Biochemistry Medicine The Reciprocal Relations between Glycosaminoglycans and the Prion Proteins Prof. R. Gabizon 2009
Song Jinhua Chemistry Science Studies of Stable Enols of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Prof. Z. Rappoport 2009
Olswhvang Dalia Perl Political Science Social Sciences Sex Education in Israel: Coping with Stress and Policy Making Gaps Prof. I. Sharkansky 2009
Shmueli Edi Computer Science Science The Importance of Feedback in Evaluating and Designing Parallel Systems Schedulers Prof. D.G. Feitelson 2009
Mizrahi Noam Bible Humanities The Lexicon and Phraseology of the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice Prof. A. Hurvitz 2009
Ofir Einan Soil and Water Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Behavior of Metallic Oxides and Hydroxides Colloids in Electro- Flocculation Prof. A. Adin, Prof. Y. Oren 2009
Kolotilin Igor Plant Sciencees Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Assessment of Transgenic Approaches to Increase Lycopene Content in Ripe Tomato Fruits Prof. S. Abbo, Dr. I. Levin 2009
Rosenzweig Stav Business Administration School of Business Administration Determinants and Trends of Innovation Prof. D. Mazursky 2009
Noy Efrat Computational Biology Medicine Protein-Protein Interactions: Docking and Conformational Ensembles Prof. A. Goldblum 2009
Ben-David Adi Education Humanities Development of Students' Thinking Following Classroom Instruction of Explicit Meta-Strategic Knowledge Prof. A. Zohar 2009