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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Demirci Yunus Archaeology and Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Asia Minor Synagogues in Late Antiquity (3rd-7th Centuries CE) In Their Urban and Religious Contexts: Light from Archaeological and Literary Evidence Prof. Z. Weiss 2019
Miller Shulamit Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Luxury, Prestige and Grandeur: The Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of Judaea-Palestine During the 1st C. BCE-6th C. CE Prof. Z. Weiss 2019
Bijovsky Gabriela I. Archeology Humanities Monetary Circulation in Palestine during the Byzantine Period (Fifth-Seventh Centuries CE) Prof. Z. Weiss, Dr. R. Talgam, Prof. E. Arslan 2012
Re'em Amit Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Tombs and Frankish Burial Customs in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Prof. Z. Weiss, Prof. A. Boas 2021
Vilozny Naama Archeology Humanities Figure and Image in Magic and Popular Art: Between Babylonia and Palestine, during the Roman and Byzantine Periods Prof. Z. Weiss, Prof. G. Bohak 2011
Arubas Benjamin Y. Archaeology & Ancient Near East Faculty of Humanities The Town Planning and Urban Development of Bet Shean (Scythopolis) from the Hellenistic through the Late Roman Period - with an Emphasis on the Excavations at the City Center Prof. Z. Weiss, Prof. Y. Tsafrir (deceased) 2019
Portal Shawn Nutrition The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Effect of HMB Supplementation on Body Composition, Fitness, Hormonal Profile and Muscle Damage Indices in Young Elite Athletes- a Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo Control Study Prof. Z. Zadik, Prof. A. Eliakim 2012
Danziger Roni Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Flattery @@The Dark Side of Sociability Prof. Zohar Kampf 2023
Ben-Haim Reuven Education The Seymour Fox School of Education From Chavruta to Chabureh @@From a Collaborative Construction of Arguments in Pairs to a Dialectical-Critical Discourse in Group Prof. Zvi Bekerman and Prof. Baruch Schwarz 2023
Ashkenazy Hila Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Lithic Production Processes in the Late Natufian of Israel: Core Area vs. Periphery Prof.A. Belfer-Cohen 2015
Roman Oren Yiddish Humanities The Old-Yiddish Epics on the Book of Joshua and the book of Judges Prof.Ch. Turniansky, Y. Elbaum 2015
Koniak Gili Environmental Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Development and Application of Multiple -Benefits Management Dynamic Model of Mediterranean Landscape Prof.I. Noy-meir(deceased), Prof. A. Perevolotsky, Prof. J. Kigel 2010
Lisnyansky Dina Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Islamic Da‘wa in Europe: France and Italy as Case Studies Prof.M. Hatina, Prof. A. Nachmani 2015
Yuli-Amar Idit Applied Chemistry Science Hexagonal Liquid Crystals and Hexosomes Structural Modifications and Solubilization Prof.N. Garti' Dr. A. Aserin 2009
Amit Shimon History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences Humanities McLuhan's Theory and the Metaphorical Construction of the Body in the Life Sciences Prof.Y. Ben-Menahem, Dr. O. E. Dror 2013
Meltzer Talya Computer Science Science Bounds and Convergence for Belief Propagation Variants Prof.Y. Weiss 2013
Byk Hananel Brain & Behavioral Sciences Faculty of Science A Population Approach to the Olivo-Cerebellar Loop Prof.Y. Yarom 2019
Yitzhak Yiftah Plantsciences in Agriculture the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Studying the Mechanisms That Control Adventitious Roots Formation in Persimmon Cuttings by Examining the Effect of the Rooting Season and the Genetic Background of the Mother Plants on the Rooting Process Prop. J. Riov, Dr. A. Izhaki 2023
Govrin David Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities The New Liberal Discourse on Reforms and Democratization in the Arab Mashreq Countries 1990 – 2005 Prpf. E. Podeh, Dr. M. Hatina 2012
Yakir Esther Plant Sciences Science Post-Transcriptional and Post-Translational Regulation in the Circadian Oscillator of Arabidopsis thaliana R.M. Green 2010
Kraus Dror Neurobiology Medicine Calcium Dynamics in the Corneal Endothelium The Late Prof. R Rahamimoff and Prof. M. Spira 2013