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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort descending
Nizri Gilat Applied Chemistry Science Formation and Characterization of Micro- and Nanoparticles Based on Polymer-Surfactant Interaction Prof. S. Magdassi 2009
Granevitze Zur Animal Breeding and Genetics Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Chicken Phylogeny: Phylogenetic Resolution Power of Several Genetic Systems Based on DNA Markers and Assessment of the Global Gene Pool Prof. J. Hillel 2009
Levy Ilan Geography Social Sciences Coastal Recirculation in Israel and its Effect on the Disperssion of Air Pollutants Prof. U. Dayan, Prof. Y. Mahrer 2009
Darr Henia Development and Differentiation Science Molecular Analysis of Pathways Governing Self-Renewal and Pluripotency in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Prof. N. Benvenisty 2009
Katz Malka History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Humanities Sepharadim and Oriental Jews in the Religious National Movements – the Mizrachi and Ha-Poel ha-Mizrachi – in srael between 1918-1948 Religiosity, Ethnicity and Nationalism: Integration and Segregation Tendencies Prof. M. Lisak, Prof. P. Medding 2009
Granot Eran Chemistry Science Development of Functional Polymers for Sensors and Optoelectronic Systems Prof. I. Willner 2009
Tur-Sinai Ofer Intellectual Property Law Law Cumulative Innovation in Patent Law Prof. D. Lewinsohn-Zamir 2009
Isaac Sara Molecular Biology Medicine The Effect of Epe1 on Heterochromatin Structure in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Prof. A. Cohen 2009
Akhiezer Golda History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Humanities Tendencies and Changes in the Development of the Historical Consciousness of the Karaites in Eastern Europe between the 17th – 19th Centuries Prof. H. Ben-Shammai, Prof. I. Bartel 2009
Steinman Amir Veterinary Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Cattle Botulism in Israel- Humoral Immune Response and Ecology of the Bacteria Dr. N. Y. Shpigel 2009
Adar Liat Pharmaceutics Medicine Genetic Polymorphism and Utilization of Phenytoin as a Probe Marker for CYP2C9 Phenotyping Prof. M. Bialer, Prof. Y. Caraco 2009
Reshef Arie Education Humanities Recognizing Moral Issues in a Complex Environment Prof. M. Nisan 2009
Kimelfeld Benny Computer Science Science Querying Paradigms for the Web Prof. Y. Sagiv 2009
Hadad Ouziel Mathematics Science The Combinatorics of Cayley Graphs of Finite Groups Prof. A. Lubotzky 2009
Bram Chen Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences Ethnic Categorization and Cultural Diversity – " a view from the margins": Caucasus Jews between Europe and Asia Prof. H. E. Goldberg 2009
Livshits Ester Chemistry Science Eliminating Electronic Self-Repulsion in Density Functional Theory Prof. R. Baer 2009
Dan Barak Hebrew Language and Jewish Languages Humanities The Targum of Psalms A Morphological Description Prof. S.E. Fassberg 2009
Raz Noa Brain Sciences Science Reorganization in the Visual Cortex of the Blind Prof. E. Zohary 2009
Heimann Gadi International Relations Social Sciences France-Israel Relations Under De-Gaulle's Presidency 1958-1967 Prof. U. Bialer, Prof. B. Pinkus 2009
Kislev Tzemah Applied Chemistry Science Crack Propagation in Double Polymeric Layers During Service Conditions Prof. G. Marom, Prof. I. Roman 2009
Haskin Meira (mimi) Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore Humanities The Combat Casualties in the Literature of the Second Aliah Prof. H. Hever 2009
Frechter Shahar Neurobiology Medicine Long Term Adaptation Processes in Drosophila Photoreceptors Prof. B. Minke 2009
Itzick Michal Criminology Law Legal, Ideological and Organizational Aspects in the Child Protection Officer's Role Dr. M. Ajzenstadt, Prof. L. Sebba 2009
Ben Menachem-Zidon Ofra Neurobiology Medicine Manipulations of Hippocampal IL-1 Signaling by Neural Precursor Cell Transplantation: Behavioral and Neurobiological Effects Prof. R. Yirmiya, Prof. T. Ben Hur 2009
Hasson Eilat Development and Differentiation Science Characterization of Angiogenic and Differentiation Inducing Potential of Micro-Organs Prof. E. Mitrani 2009