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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Facultysort descending Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Jonathan-Zamir Tal Criminology Faculty of Law The Effects of Security Threats and the Policing of Terrorism on Public Attitudes Towards the Police: The Case of Majority Communities in Israel Prof. D. Weiaburd 2011
Ronen Gad Law Faculty of Law The Presumption of Regularity Prof. Y. Dotan 2021
Wolf Olivier Law Faculty of Law Globalization and Systemic Risk Regulation A Socio-Legal Approach Prof. T. Broude 2020
Elitzur Nae Tzila Rivka Law Faculty of Law Public Disputes Resolution in the High Court of Justice Prof. Yoav Dotan 2023
Avraham Giler Shahar Law Faculty of Law Jurisdiction Agreement - Towards a New Model Prof. C. Fassberg 2020
Gordon-Tapiero Ayelet Law Faculty of Law Regulating the Sharing Economy Prof. E. Zamir 2021
Teshome Bruck Law Faculty of Law The Right to Development and Developmental States in Africa Prof. T. Broude 2021
Katsabian Tammy Law Faculty of Law Labour Rights in the Digital Reality Prof. G. Davidof 2020
Zemach Efi Law Faculty of Law History and Theory of Contract: Modern and Ancient Approaches Prof. B. Lifshitz, Prof. G. Shalev 2018
Kovner Bella Law Faculty of Law Child Arrest and Access to Justice in East Jerusalem Prof. N. Shalhoub-Kevorkian 2019
Cohen Shaul Law Faculty of Law Recklessness In the Criminal Law Prof. A. Harel, Prof. R. Segev 2021
Franco Galor Hadar Criminology Faculty of Law Prostitution, Trafficking and the Victims of Slavery in Israel. Analysis of Court of Justice Documents in Israel Between 2000 and 2008, Concerning Crime and Legislation about "The Trafficking of Women for Prostitution" Dr. S. Hertzog 2013
Weisman Shirili Sarah Law Faculty of Law Torah Study for Women Prof. H. Ben-Menahem 2021
Katovitz Shachar Law Faculty of Law The Tannaitic Punishment as a Reflection of Historical-Theological Influences Prof. A. Harel, Dr. S. Wazner 2019
Sabo-Brants Hagit Criminology Faculty of Law Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in the Educational Field: Issues in the Prevention of Violence Prof. B. Ariel 2021
Waksman Yael Law Faculty of Law Perpetual Trusts in Comparative and Israeli Law: Historical Sources, Normative Discussion and a Proposed Statutory Amendment Prof. A. Hofri-Winogradow 2019
Yehuda Limor Law Faculty of Law Collective Equality Rethinking Human Rights & Democratic Legitimacy in the Resolution of Ethnonational Conflicts Prof. B. Medina, Prof. Y. Shany 2020
Adam Rachelle International Law Faculty of Law Nature, Colonialism and Conservation Organizations: How International Law became the Response to the Biodiversity Crisis Dr. T. Broude 2013
Geraisy Amin Law Faculty of Law The Effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Ending Impunity: A Discussion of the Referred Situations Prof. Y. Shany 2020
Anidjar Leon Yehuda Law Faculty of Law The Law and Theory of the Remedy of Specific Performance Prof. E. Zamir 2018
Ben-Zvi Omri Law Faculty of Law A Critical Analysis of Legal Reasoning Prof. H. Ben-Menahem 2017
Katz Ori Law Faculty of Law Legal Attitudes and Decision-Making in Contract Law Prof. E. Zamir 2020
Gross Shader Claudia Criminology Faculty of Law Can City Government Function as a Super-Controller at Crime "Hot Spots" to Create Lasting Crime Control Benefits? Prof. D. Weisburd 2021
Kamar Eden Criminology Faculty of Law The Situational Opportunities of Online Sexual Grooming of Children and Adolescents Prof. David L. Weisburd 2023
Shraga Eliad Law Faculty of Law Whistleblower Exposure in the Public Service - Duties, Incentives and Defenses Prof. B. Medina 2018