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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Spernath Aviram Applied Chemistry Science Microemulsions - Phase-Behavior, Microstructure, and Solubilization of Guest Molecules Prof. N. Garti, Dr. A. Aserin 2010
Kogot-Levin Aviram Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine The Effect of Ceramide Synthase 2 (CerS2) Depletion on- Lysosomal and Mitochondrial Function Dr. A. Saada (Reisch), Prof. A. Rass-Rothschild 2015
Levi Bar-Shalom Avishag Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Characterization of Drought Resistance in Near-Isogenic Lines of Cotton (Gossypium spp.) Prof. Y. Saranga 2011
Abbo Avishai Geology Faculty of Science Crustal Evolution of Cadomian Terranes and Their Transition to Gondwana in the East Mediterranean Area Prof. D. Avigad 2020
Benish Avishai Public Law and Welfare Law Law Contracting Out from the Perspective of Public Law The Case of 'Welfare-to Work' Programs in Israel and Abroad Prof. M. Kremnitzer 2010
Ben Haim Avishay Jewish Thought Humanities We Have No Dealings with the Occult'? Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and his Attitude towards the Supernatural, the Occult, Mysticism and the Kabbalists Prof. B. Brown 2017
Lavi (Lann) Avital Statistics Social Sciences Weighing the Weights: On the Intuitive Perception of Weighted Means and Their Characteristics Prof. R. Falk 2008
Dror-Ehre Avital Soil and Water Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Use of Silver Nanoparticles to Control Biofilm Formation in Aqueous Environment and UF Membrane Apparatus Prof. A. Adin, Dr. H. Mamane 2012
Swisa Avital Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine The Role of Liver Kinase B1 in Regulation of Pancreatic β-Cell Dynamics, Structure and Function Prof. Y. Dor, Prof. E. Keshet 2015
Lahav Avital History Faculty of Humanities Responding to Disaster: The Significance of the Great Fire of London (1666) to Restoration England Prof. D. Wahrman 2020
Brill (Klein) Avital Computer Science & Computational Biology Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Dissecting the Role of Chromatin Remodelers in Nucleosome Positioning and Transcriptional Regulation: Examining the RSC Complex Prof. N. Friedman 2019
Sharon Avital Jewish Thought Humanities The Hida's Kabballa in his Hallachik Writings Prof. J. Garb 2015
Guedj Avital Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Involvement of Macrophages in the Age-Dependent Decline of DNA Damage Resolution Dr. H. Amsalem, Prof. J. Rachmilewitz 2019
Ben-Moshe Avital Genetics the Faculty of Science The Role of UFM1 in the DNA Damage Response Prof. M. Goldberg 2021
Adler Avital Computational Neuroscience The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Information Processing in the Different Basel Ganglia Sub Regions Prof. H. Bergman 2014
Sharir-Ivry Avital Pharmaceutics Medicine Insights from Valence Bond into Catalysis in the Haloalkane Dehalogenase Enzyme Dr. A. Shurki 2014
Friedman Avital Education Faculty of Humanities "A Wall with No Hole": How Football Fans Learn and Maintain Team Loyalty Prof. T. Rapoport 2018
Steiman Shimony Avital Microbiology Faculty of Medicine miRNA Interactions and their Role in Post-Transcriptional Regulation Prof. H. Margalit 2019
Keren Aviv Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Towards a Cognitive Foundation of Mathematics Prof. C. Posy, Prof. A. Sloman 2019
Mizrahi-Kliger Aviv Bio-Medical Sciences the Faculty of Medicine The Neural Activity in the Basal Ganglia During Normal Sleep and in Parkinson's Disease Prof. H. Bergman 2022
Gabbay Aviv Computer Sciences the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Disentanglement of Visual and Auditory Signals Into Sources and Factors of Variation Dr. Y. Hoshen, Prof. S. Peleg 2022
Zohar Aviv Computer Science Science A Game Theoretic Approach to Communication Protocols Prof. J. S. Rosenschein 2012
Sharon Aviv Brain & Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science Analysis of the Interfaces Formed Between Cortical Implants and the Parenchyma, Feasibility Assessment Towards Multisite Intracellular Recording Prof. M. Spira 2023
Spector Shirtz Aviv Hist.Phil.socio. of Sciences Faculty of Humanities Supervenience Without Reduction: Three Discussions on the Constraints That Upholding Supervenience Imposes on Non-Reductive Mind-Body Theories Prof. O. Shenker 2022
Keller Aviva Occupational Therapy - Adv. Stud. the Faculty of Medicine The Leisure Performance and Participation of Individuals With Moderate Intellectual Disability Living in Community Living Facilities Prof. N. Weintraub 2022