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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Keller Aviva Occupational Therapy - Adv. Stud. the Faculty of Medicine The Leisure Performance and Participation of Individuals With Moderate Intellectual Disability Living in Community Living Facilities Prof. N. Weintraub 2022
Beit Yosef Aviva Occupational Therapy - Adv. Stud. the Faculty of Medicine The Utility of a Telerehabilitation Service to Improve the Function, Participation and Quality of Life of Acquired Brain Injury Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr. Y. Gilboa, Prof. J. Jacobs 2023
Agam Dali Avivit Communication and Journalism Social Sciences Cultural Dimensions of Israeli Advertising: Representations of Landscape Dr. P. Frosh 2008
Ecker Avner Archaeology and Ancient Near East Humanities The Urbanization of Roman Iudaea/Palaestina from the First Century BCE to the Fourth Century CE Prof. H. M. Cotton- Paltiel, Prof. Z. Weiss 2017
Yeffet Avner Molecular Biology Medicine Involvement of VICKZ1 Protein in the Development and Function of the Pancreas Prof. J. Yisraeli 2014
Gross Avner Environmental Sciences Science The Use of Oxygen Stable Isotopes in Phosphate for Tracing Phosphorus in Terrestrial Ecosystems Prof. A. Angert 2016
Israeli Avner Medical Chemistry Medicine Nitroxides - Catalytic Mechanisms in Antioxidants Activity Prof. R. Kohen, Prof. A. Samuni 2010
Yanai Avner Applied Physics Science Spatial and Spectral Control Over Plasmonic and Metamaterial Based Nano-Structures Prof. U. Levy 2015
Neubauer Avner Applied Physics Faculty of Science Multi-Purpose Highly Sensitive Room Temperature Detector Prof. Y. Paltiel 2020
Michaeli Avner Pharmacology Medicine Modulation of the Excitability of VTA Dopamine Neurons by Cocanie Dr. R. Yaka 2012
Lifshitz Avraham Education Humanities The Tosaphists' Learning Methodology/Dialectic Prof. S.Z. Havlin, Prof. B. Schwarz 2009
Klein Avraham Physics Science Vortex Core Deformation and its Impact on the Behavior of Weakly Coupled Superfluids Prof. O. Agam 2017
Leibovich Avraham Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine The Role of ADMP in Establishing the Size of the Organizer and Scaling of Embryonic Tissues to Generate Equally Proportioned Embryos Prof. A. Fainsod 2019
Zini Avraham Public Health Dental-Medicine The Impact of Spirituality and Religiosity on Oral Health among the Jewish Community in Jerusalem Prof. H. D. Sgan-Cohen 2012
Merzel Avraham Cognitive Science Humanities Binding Lies Prof. I. Ritov, Prof. Y. Kareev 2015
Lifshitz Avraham Education Humanities Effects of the Study of Jewish Oral Law in Secular Schools: Academic Achievements and Acquisition of Values Prof. E. Babad 2010
Morgenstern Avraham Mathematics Science Local and Multidimensional Theories of Tournaments Prof. N. Linial 2015
Kenan Avraham Max Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Emotional Knowledge: Emotions' Epistemic Role Prof. D. Enoch, Prof. H. Benbaji 2021
Eitan Avri Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Partnerships in Renewable Energy Prof. I. Fishhendler 2022
Karasik Avshalom Archeology Humanities Mathematical Methods and Computer Applications for the Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics, Focusing on Morphological Classification and Typology Prof. I. Sharon, Prof. U. Smilansky 2012
Hurvitz Avshalom Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Hormonal Control of Gonadal Development in Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) Prof. B. Levavi-Sivan, Prof. G. Degani 2008
Awad Aya Genetics the Faculty of Science The Role of RTEL1 in Telomere Maintenance and Telomere Disease Prof. Y. Tzfati 2022
Navon Wurgaft Aya Business Administration School of Business Administration From Social Business to Impact Nation @@Frames, Networks, and Systemic Power in an Emerging Issue Field Prof. Tammar Zilber 2023
Mizrahi Aya Biochemistry Science Using the Regulatory Sequences of H19 Oncofetal Gene to Drive the Expression of Diphtheria Toxin and TNF-α in DNA Based Therapy of Ovarian Cancer Prof. A. Hochberg, Prof. H. Soreq 2009
Green Ayal Computer Sciences the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Interactive Protocols for Quantum Computations Prof. D. Aharonov 2022