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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort descending
Tsamriyon Hallak Daliya Criminal Law Law Ranking the Offence of Bribery with Regard to the Protected Interest Prof. A. Harel, Dr. Sh. Eldar arel, Dr,. 2009
Avni Nir Mathematics Science Applications of Motivic Integration to Representation Theory Prof. A. Lubotzky, Prof. D. Kazhdan 2009
Afterman Adam Jewish Thought Humanities Intimate Conjunction with God: The Concept of "Devekut" in the Early Kabbalah (Provence and Catalonia) Prof. M. Idel 2009
Mizrahi Boaz Medical Chemistry Medicine Acrylic Polymers for Medical Applications Prof. A. J. Domb 2009
Razinsky Hili Philosophy Humanities Ambivalence Prof. A. Margalit 2009
Shultz Tamar Pharmacology Medicine Regulation of Intracellular Trafficking and Epithelial Cells Polarity by Cytoskeleton Modulating Proteins Prof. A. Taraboulos, Dr. Y. Altschuler 2009
Cohen Yehezkel (Hezy) Chemistry Science Morphological and Electronic Characterization of Single DNA and DNA- Based Molecules Dr. D. Porath 2009
Beinart Shlomo Psychology Social Sciences The Impact of Primary Failed Love on the Development of the Self and Future Relationships: A Retrospective Narrative Study Prof. R. Josselson 2009
Ittah Shmulik Biotechnology Science Into the web: Study of the Dragline Spider Silk Proteins and their Assembly into Fibers Dr. U. Gat 2010
Goldstein Tirza Geography Social Sciences New Patterns of Ultra-Orthodox Entrepreneurship in Jerusalem Prof. A. Gonen, late Prof. A. Shachar 2010
Frant Julia Medical Chemistry Medicine Design and Synthesis of Novel Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors Prof. E. Breuer 2010
Kozuch Sebastian Chemistry Science Theory of Catalytic Cycles in Chemistry and Biology Prof. S. Shaik 2010
Epstein Yachin Talmud Humanities Studies in Massekhet Kalla Rabbati – Text, Redaction and Period Prof. R. Brody 2010
Nechemia-Arbely Yael Medical Biochemistry Medicine Mechanisms of IL-6/sIL- 6R Mediated Tissue Protection and Regeneration in Animal Models of Organ Failure with Emphasis on Liver and Kidney Prof. E. Galun 2010
Rosenberg Michael Cellular Biology Medicine Identification and Characterization of Myosin IIB Determinants Important for its Proper Filament Assembly and Cellular Localization Prof. S. Ravid 2010
Harpaz Amos Philosophy Humanities The Falsity of Individualism A Comparative Research in Spinoza's & Hegel's Works Prof. E. Yekira 2010
Zorde-Khvalevsky Elina Computational Neurocience Medicine TLR3 Signaling in Hepatocytes Prof. E. Galun 2010
Navot Doron Political Science Social Sciences The Concept of Political Corruption Prof. Y. Ezrahi, Prof. M. Kremnitzer 2010
Moshitch Dina Neurobiology Science Binaural Processing in the Ascending Auditory Pathway Prof. I. Nelken 2010
Koshkaryev Alexander Biophysics Medicine Erythrocyte- Endothelial Interaction in Oxidative Stress: Biochemical and Biophysical Factors Prof. S. Yedgar 2010
Galili-Schachter Inbar Jewish Education Humanities Hermeneutics in Teaching: The Case of the Teaching of Jewish Thought Prof. J. Cohen, Dr. A. Shkedi 2010
Abraham Ittai Computer Science Science Locality and Efficiency in Distributed Computing Prof. D. Dolev, Prof. D. Malkhi 2010
Gillor Moshe Neurobiology Medicine Structure-Function Analysis of Stargazin Interaction with AMPA-type Glutamate Receptors Prof. Y. Srern-Bach 2010
Bassok Ido Contemporary Jewry Humanities Aspects of Education of Jewish Youth in Poland between the World Wars in Light of Autobiographies by Jewish Youth from the YIVO Collection Prof. D. Ofer 2010
Shoshanim Ofir Chemistry Science Electron Transfer Processes Following Photo-Excitation in the Condensed Phase Prof. S. Ruhman 2010