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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Reznik Ami Agr. Economics & Management Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Issues in Integrated Management of Scarce Water Resources Prof. E. Feinerman, Prof. I. Finkelshtain, Dr. I. Kan 2018
Grunfeld Ami Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Edmund Husserl's Early Phenomenology as a Comprehensive Critique of Theoretical and Practical Reason Dr. M. Roubach 2019
Schrager Ami-Menashe Islamic &Middle East Studies Faculty of Humanities Bahāʼullāh's Conversion in Kurdistan 1854-1856: A Study of Bahāʼullāh's Persian Poems Prof. M. Sharon 2018
Eisenmann Amichai Mathematics Science Counting Arithmetic Subgroups and Subgroup Growth of Virtually Free Groups Prof. A. Lubotzky 2011
Perlman Amichai School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Evaluating Medication Safety in Older Adults Using Pharmacoepidemiologic Methods Prof. A. Hoffman, Prof. I. Matok 2020
Shargal Amihai Cellular Biology Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Control of Cell Division during Pear (Pyrus communis) Fruit Development and their Influence on Fruit Size and Shape Prof. J. Riov, Prof. G. Grafi and Dr. M. Fleishman 2009
Rigbi Amihai Brain Sciences Medicine Why Do Young Women Smoke? Effect of Nicotine on Neurocognitive Performance of Cigarette Smokers: Pharmacogenetic Interactions Prof. B. Lerer 2010
Saragovi Amijai Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Identification and Characterization of Metabolic Pathways Critical for T Cells Development and Activation Dr. M. Berger 2020
Levy Amikam Chemistry Science Thermodynamics of Quantum Devices Prof. R. Kosloff 2017
Geraisy Amin Law Faculty of Law The Effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Ending Impunity: A Discussion of the Referred Situations Prof. Y. Shany 2020
Fuchs Amir Law Law Vehicular Homicide: Culpability, Awareness and Deterrence Prof. M. Kremnitzer 2015
Bachar Amir Law Law Bank Services Contracts – Regulation of Information and Content Prof. E. Zamir 2013
Grau Amir Microbiology Medicine The Role of Apoptotic Cells in the Development of Inflammation Prof. D. Mevorach 2016
Navot Amir Computational Neuroscience Science On the Role of Feature Selection in Machine Learning Prof. N. Tishby 2008
Ban Amir Computer Science Science The Dynamics of Reputation and its Origins in Economic and Social Contexts Prof. N. Linial 2015
Bein Amir Nutrition Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Cellular Mechanisms Involved in the Disruption of the Intestinal Barrier During Necrotizing Enterocolitis Prof. B. Schwartz 2016
Ezrachi Amir Psychology Social Sciences Mutual Adaptations between Therapist & Patient in Dynamic Psychotherapy: An Analysis by the Systemic Quality Life Model Prof. S.Shye 2009
Steinman Amir Veterinary Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Cattle Botulism in Israel- Humoral Immune Response and Ecology of the Bacteria Dr. N. Y. Shpigel 2009
Raz Amir Horticulture The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Pollination in Apricot (Prunus armeniaca): Bees' Behavior and Genetic Aspects of the Fertilization Mechanism Prof. S. Shafir, Prof. M. Goldway, Prof. R. A. Stern 2017
Gaash Amir Arabic Language and Literature Humanities The Development of the Proto-Semitic Feminine Ending – at in the Noun and Verb in Contemporary Neo-Arabic Dialects Prof. S. Hopkins 2011
Sonnenblick Amir Biochemistry Medicine Regulation of MITF and STAT3 Transcriptional Activity by PIAS3 Prof. E. Razin 2008
Wand Amir Molecular Biology Science Investigation of Photobiology with Advanced Ultrafast Spectroscopy Prof. S. Ruhman 2015
Levine Amir Biochemistry, Metabolism and Endocrinology Faculty of Medicine Proteostasis Mechanisms of the Linker of Cytoskeleton-Nucleoskeleton Complex in Aging Prof. E. Cohen 2020
Kaminetzky Amir Property Law Law Long-Term Leases Prof. D. Lewinsohn-Zamir 2011
Algom Amir Mathematics Faculty of Science Symmetries of Fractal Sets Prof. M. Hochman 2020