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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort ascending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Kivity Yogev Psychology Social Sciences The Role of Emotion Regulation in Social Anxiety Disorder and in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral, Electrocortical and Self-Report Measures Prof. J.D. Huppert 2017
Shiboleth Yoel Moshe Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Involvement of the Zucchini yellow mosaic Virus Helper-Component Protein in the Development of Viral Disease Symptoms in Cucurbits Dr. T. Arazi, Dr. A. Galon 2009
Shufaro Yoel Development and Differentiation Medicine Reprogramming of DNA Replication Timing Prof. B. E. Reubinoff, Prof. H. Cedar 2012
Groman Yoel Mathematics Science Floer and Gromov Witten Theory on Open Manifolds Prof. J. P. Solomon 2016
Marciano Yoel History of the Jewish People Humanities The Jewish Sages in Fifteenth-Century Spain Their Education, Social Status, Religious and Intellectual Profile Prof. J.R. Hacker 2011
Bin-Nun Yoel Jewish Thought Humanities The Double Source of Human Inspiration and Authority in the Philosophy of Rav A.I.H. Kook Prof. A. Ravitzki, Prof. S. Rozenberg 2009
Bogoch Yoel Development and Differentiation Science Molecular Processes of Neuronal Differentiation and Maturation in Cell and Animal Models Prof. M. Linial 2008
Greenberg Yoel Musicology Humanities Towards Sonata Form Prof. N. Wagner 2012
Regev Yoel Philosophy Humanities Surplus and Difference (Badiou, Marion,Zizek: The Philosophical Turn of 1989) Prof. C. Schmidt, Prof. E. Yakira 2012
Beeri Yocheved History of the Jewish People Humanities The Portuguese New Christians Trialed by the Inquisitorial Court in 17th Century Cuenca Prof. Y. Kaplan 2011
Bigman Yochanan Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Beyond Good and Evil: The Morality of Effort Prof. M. Tamir 2018
Isack Yochai Agroecology & Plant Health The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Fusarium proliferatumCausal Agent of Disease in Onion (Allium cepa): Aspects of Etiology, Epidemiology and Toxygeny Prof. A. Gamliel 2017
Ataria Yochai History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences Humanities The Phenomenology of Trauma: The Case of Dissociation During Trauma Prof. Y. Ben – Menachem, Prof. Y. Neria 2015
Romach Yoav Physics the Faculty of Science Towards Deterministic Coupling of Distant Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers Through Nano-Fabricated Superconducting Structures Prof. N. Bar-Gill 2021
Tal Yoav Brain Science: Computation& Information Processing The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Single Neuron Models of Orientation Selectivity in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex Prof. I. Segev 2018
Biala Yoav Neurobiology Medicine RIC-3, an Effector of nAChRs Activity: Structure, Function, Quantity, and Regulation Dr. M. Treinin 2011
Banitt Yoav Computational Neuroscience Science Towards a Detailed Model of an Orientation Column in Layer 4 of Cat V1 Prof. I. Segev, Prof. K. Martin 2012
Kerner Yoav Statistics Social Sciences Decision Making in Queuing Systems under Partial Information Prof. M. Haviv 2008
HaCohen Yoav Computer Science Science Non-Rigid Dense Correspondence Algorithm with Applications for Image Enhancement Prof. D. Lischinski 2016
Bauman Yoav Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Medicine Pathogen Recognition by Natural Killer Cells Prof. O. Mandelboim 2017
Livneh Yoav Mathematics Science Structural and Functional Plasticity of Adult-Born Neurons Prof. A. Mizrahi 2015
Adam Yoav Applied Chemistry Science Odor Processing by Distinct Neuronal Populations in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb Prof. A. Mizrahi 2015
Hadas Yoav Neurobiology Medicine Transcriptional Code of Differentiation, Wiring and Activity of Spinal Interneurons Prof. A. Klar 2014
Neumann Yoav Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Dental-Medicine Morphological, Molecular and Functional in vitro Characterization of Adult Rat Submandibular Salivary Glands Stem-Cell Prof. D.J.Aframian, Prof. A. Palmon 2016
Motro Yoav Ecological Biology Science The Use of Barn Owls for Controlling Rodent Pests in Agriculture Prof. R. Nathan, Prof. R. Yom-Tov, Dr. Iddo Kan, The Late Prof. E. Tchernov 2013