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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort ascending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Melcer-Padon Nourit English Literature Humanities Towards a Description of the Mask Function in Literature: An Historical and Theoretical Investigation Centered in the Works, Artistic Inheritances and Intellectual Ambience of Luigi Pirandello and Patrick White Prof. S. Budick 2010
Keren Aviv Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Towards a Cognitive Foundation of Mathematics Prof. C. Posy, Prof. A. Sloman 2019
Schoffman Hanan Plant Science the Faculty of Science Towards a Better Understanding of Iron Stress in Photosynthetic Organisms Prof. N. Keren 2021
Weisman Shirili Sarah Law Faculty of Law Torah Study for Women Prof. H. Ben-Menahem 2021
Fekete Tomer Computational Neuroscience Science Topology, Geometry and Representation Prof. I. Pitowsky, Prof. A. Grinvald 2010
Katsir Ronen Mathematics Science Topological Quantum Field Theory and Tangle Invariants Prof. R. Lawrence-Naimrk 2015
Magazanik Evelyn Mathematics Science Topics on Generalized Visibility M. A. Perles 2008
Lichtig Avi Economics Faculty of Social Sciences Topics in Strategic Communication Prof. I. Kremer 2021
Tamar Yair Chemistry Science Topics in Research and Development of Anti-Reflective Coating for Solar Technology Prof. Y. Sasson 2017
Afterman Danielle Statistics Faculty of Social Sciences Topics in Inference of Partially Observed Stochastic Processes Prof. P. Chigansky 2020
Dente (Byron) Ayala Mathematics Faculty of Science Topics in Geometric Group Theory Dr. C. Perin, Prof. Z. Sela 2018
Kaplan Itay Mathematics Science Topics in Dependent Theories Prof. S. Shelah 2010
Re'em Amit Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Tombs and Frankish Burial Customs in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Prof. Z. Weiss, Prof. A. Boas 2021
Zazoun Jonathan Cellular Immunology Medicine Tolerogenic and Anti-inflammatory Apoptotic Cell-based Therapy: Efficacy and Mechanisms Prof. D. Mevorach 2015
Pasternak Nurit History of the Jewish People Humanities Together and Apart- Hebrew Manuscripts as Testimonies to Encounters of Jews and Christians in Fifteenth-Century Florence: The Makings, the Clients, Censorship Prof. L. F. Cuomo 2010
Laor Noa Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare Toddlers at Risk in Israel: The Relationship between Quality of Care in Daycare Centers and Linguistic, Emotional and Social Experiences and Development Prof. M. Rosenthal 2017
Cohen-Nissan Hilla Sociology and Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences To Leave or to Stay? Gender Differences in Practics and Sense Making in Decisions Regarding Leaving or Staying in a High-Tech Career in Israel Prof. M. Frenkel 2019
Reiser Daniel Jewish Thought Humanities To Fly Like Angels Imagery or Waking Dream Techniques in Hassidic Mysticism in the First Half of the Twentieth Century Prof. M. Idel 2012
Das Adhikari Upasana Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine TNF Promotes Intestinal Regeneration via Activation of Reserve Cell Pool Prof. Y. Ben-Neriah 2019
Zorde-Khvalevsky Elina Computational Neurocience Medicine TLR3 Signaling in Hepatocytes Prof. E. Galun 2010
Lerner Vitaly Brain & Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science Timing and Connectivity of Cortical Neurons Prof. M. London, Prof. Y. Yarom 2021
Kojman-Rozen Simcha History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science Humanities Time and Emergence in Scientific Theories in England in the 19th Century Prof. Y. Ben-Menahem 2010
Kahane-Anbar Ronit Nutrition The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Tight Caloric Balance in ICU Patients and in Patients after Hip Fractures Prof. Z. Madar, Prof. P. Singer 2014
Carlson Daniel Frazier Oceanography Science Tides, Internal Waves, and Mixing in the Northern Gulf of Eilat Prof. H. Gildor 2014
Farrah Iba' Y. Public Health Medicine Tick Borne Relapsing Fever in the West Bank: Molecular Characterization, Detection and Distribution of Borrelia persica and its Vector Prof. H. Bercovier, Prof. E. Berry, Prof. Z. Abdeen 2016