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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort ascending Year of Graduation
Asulin Shifra Jewish Thought Humanities The Mystical Commentary of the Song of Songs in the Zohar and its Background Prof. Y. Liebes 2008
Lahav-Snir Gilla Jewish Thought Humanities Sacrifice in the Old Testament as seen through Various Approaches in Modern Thought Prof. Y. Liebes 2012
Porat Oded Jewish Thought Humanities "Founding of the Circle": Rudiments of Esse and the Linguistic Creation in the Book 'Fountain of Wisdom' and its Related Treatises Prof. Y. Liebers, Prof. H. Pedaya 2013
Eilam Ariela Psychology Social Sciences Pathways to Basic Grammar in Children with Williams Syndrome and Children with Down Syndrome Prof. Y. Levy 2013
Kreimer Yury Mathematics Science Problems in Spectral Theory of Schrödinger Operators Prof. Y. Last 2013
Kaluzhny Uri Mathematics Science Stability of Spectral Properties of Jacobi Matrices Under Decaying Perturbations Prof. Y. Last 2012
Breuer Jonathan Mathematics Science Some Problems in Spectral Theory of Schrodinger Operators Prof. Y. Last 2008
Shamis Mira Mathematics Science Spectral Analysis of Jacobi Operators Prof. Y. Last 2011
Sion Guy Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Science Inter-relations Among Behavior, Physiology, Morphology and Directional Asymmetry in the Gecko Ptyodactylus guttatus Prof. Y. L. Werner, Prof. U. Motro 2016
Torfstein Adi Geology Science Brine Freshwater Interplay and Effects on the Evolution of Saline Lakes: The Dead Sea Rift Terminal Lakes Prof. Y. Kolodny, Dr. M. Stein 2009
Iron Yonatan Mathematics Science Hedging and Pricing of Swing Game Options in Discrete and Continuous time and the Error Estimates for Binomial Approximations of Game Put Options Prof. Y. Kifer 2013
Dolinsky Yan Mathematics Science Problems in Hedging for Game Options Prof. Y. Kifer 2010
Hafouta Yeor Mathematics Faculty of Science Limit Theorems for Nonconventional Sums Prof. Y. Kifer 2019
Schurr Amos Education Humanities The Effect of Perspective on Choices and Preferences Prof. Y. Kareev, Prof. I. Ritov 2013
Zultan Ro'i Education Humanities Pre-play Face-to-face Communication and Cooperation in Bargaining Games: Strategy and Emotion Prof. Y. Kareev 2010
Rania Alonit Education Humanities Monetary Risk-taking Behavior in a Competitive Zero-sum Game Prof. Y. Kareev 2011
Freiman Eli History of the Jewish People Humanities Jewish Culture in Ashkenaz in the Beginning of the New Era: A View from the Perspective of Jews and Christians, Popular Culture and Rabbinic Culture Prof. Y. Kaplan, Prof. I.J. Yuval 2008
Mintz-Manor Limor History of the Jewish People Humanities The Discourse on the New World in Early Modern Jewish Culture Prof. Y. Kaplan, Prof. I. Pardes 2012
Dotan-Ofir Shalhevet History of the Jewish People Humanities History, Books and Society: Yiddish Didactic Books Printed in Early Modern Amsterdam Prof. Y. Kaplan, Prof. C. Turniansky 2012
Strum Daniel History of the Jewish People Humanities The Portuguese Jews and New Christians in the Sugar Trade: Managing Business Overseas – Kinship and Ethnicity Revisited (Amsterdam, Porto and Brazil, 1595 – 1618) Prof. Y. Kaplan 2009
Beeri Yocheved History of the Jewish People Humanities The Portuguese New Christians Trialed by the Inquisitorial Court in 17th Century Cuenca Prof. Y. Kaplan 2011
Moreno-Goldschmidt Aliza History of the Jewish People Humanities The Socio-Cultural Profile of the New Christians in Cartagena de Indias during the XVII Century Prof. Y. Kaplan 2013
Berner Tali History of the Jewish People Humanities Children and Childhood in Early Modern Ashkenaz Prof. Y. Kaplan 2011
Shusterman Ariel Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Dental-Medicine Dissecting Host Susceptibility to Periodontitis Using an F2 Population Prof. Y. Houri-Haddad, Prof. F. A. Iraqi 2017
Nashef Aysar Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine The Collaborative Cross Mouse Population for Mapping QTL Associated with Susceptibility to Periodontitis due to Mixed Infection of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium Nucleatum Prof. Y. Houri Haddad, Prof. F. A. Iraqi 2019